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Project Awol Review

Looking for a Project AWOL review?

Well then this page is for you!  It will provide some much needed clarity and background of what Project AWOL currently is and what the vision holds for it.

Project AWOL is now the non-profit, charitable arm of AWOL Academy which was co-founded by Keala Kane and Kameron George. The goal moving forward is to have a significant impact on helping under developed communities gain access to the proper education through new schools and up to date tools, resources and curriculum.

One of the best examples I could share by comparison would be the organization “Pencils of Promise.” Project AWOL is definitely looking to that type of worldwide mission and vision as motivation and inspiration for their organization.

Although right now, the future vision of Project AWOL isn’t quite clear to be honest.  The co-founders Keala Kanae and Kameron George are currently researching the types of organizations to work with and the type of community impacting projects that connect with their hearts and minds.

Project AWOL has already created two success stories with their initial non-profit projects while they continue to seek the next vision for this mission of worldwide contribution.

One was with “Change Heroes.”  Their mission being to provide not only education within under developed countries but also build schools that act as a community meeting place that encourages a greater impact for both children and their parents.

Project AWOL was able to join forces with “Change Heroes” to create a campaign that had a major impact on communities in desperate need.

In fact, Project AWOL was ranked #2 in the Top 25 Campaigns.

Along with connecting with an outstanding organization like “Change Heroes” Project AWOL also joined forces with Charity: Water.

They are a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.  This was another great match for Project AWOL as they began their charitable journey.

Project AWOL was able to assist by helping raise the funds required to create a new well in a community in Tanzania that now provides clean and fresh water for 235 people. The project was amazing on many levels.  Not only did it provide fresh water but also brought the community together.  This way the entire community joined forces and felt a sense of ownership with the project.

Now you may have come to this site through your searching thinking that Project AWOL was an some form of online educational course.

And you would be right as Project AWOL originally was something much different.  It began as just such a platform but it has evolved into this non-profit focus. (To learn more of the background details on Project AWOL in it’s previous form, simply go to this page “Is Project AWOL Legit?”)

Everyone within the AWOL Academy team is truly moved, inspired and anxious to begin this new journey into the non-profit world of charitable education for those in need around the globe.

And to think that things are only getting started!

Who knows what the future will bring but Keala and Kameron are confident it will impact 100’s and even thousands of lives.

Project AWOL is about contribution, service and uplifting the lives of those who need it the most.  Look out for more upcoming life changing projects in the very near future!